Unconventional uses for lasers and optics

I think many people don’t understand how and why lasers and optics are important in our lives. We all probably know about CD readers and laser hair removal, but there are a myriad of applications and uses for lasers that are surprising and important. Here is a list of a few developing applications over the past few years, which even managed to surprise me!

Cleaning up beach trash -> Atlantic article

Marking fruits and vegetables -> Guardian article

Detecting Nuclear materials -> UMich article

Sensing their surroundings -> Physics Today article

Detecting earthquakes -> Physics Today article

Vaporizing space debris -> Physics Today articleFuturism article

Unearthing lost cities -> NPR article

Protecting olives from diseases -> Guardian article

Powering tiny robots -> Redbull article

Detecting water leaks -> TimesLIVE article

Measuring the height of Antarctica -> phys.org article

Protecting crops from birds -> NPR articlePoultryworld article

Killing sea lice on farmed salmon -> Salmonbusiness article

Saving male chicks from being culled -> Physicsworld article

Detecting ripe avocados -> Newatlas article

Getting rid of pesky weeds -> LaserZentrum Hannover article

Which of these was the most surprising for you?

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