My presentation at HILAS 2020

Yesterday, Monday 16 Nov 2020, I presented a talk “Electron acceleration with high-intensity radially-polarized laser beams having spatio-temporal couplings” at the remote High-intensity Lasers and High-field Phenomena (HILAS) meeting, part of the High-brightness Sources & Light-driven Interactions Congress. This was supposed to be in Prague earlier this year, but of course due to the ongoing pandemic it was done virtually. I have to give credit to OSA for putting on such a good virtual meeting (CLEO in May was also exceptional), and for the program chairs of HILAS for putting together my session with such topical and related talks.

I presented in the session “High-field Re-scattering Physics, Relativistic Nonlinear Phenomena, Intense Pulse Propagation and Filamentation”, which despite the long and complicated name was the home for a very nice set of talks about complex phenomenon with complex, high-field laser light. This included great talks from Dustin Froula’s group at the LLE in Rochester, NY, USA and from Cedric Thaury’s group at the LOA in Palaiseau, France.

You can see the entire session here, or you can see a practice run of my talk below.

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